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Housing Choice Voucher Program

                                                                                 Karen Gizzo
                                                                            Administrator of Housing
                                                                                 Town of Eastchester
                                                                             40 Mill Road; Room 202
                                                                                Eastchester, NY 10709
                                                                                       (914) 771-3310

The Town of Eastchester operates a federally funded Housing Choice Voucher Program consisting of two hundred fifty-five Vouchers. The program operates within the Town of Eastchester, including the Villages of Tuckahoe and Bronxville. The Town has also administered available Vouchers to areas outside the Town of Eastchester to help alleviate the homeless situation in the County of Westchester. A waiting list is maintained. Preference is given to qualified residents of the Town of Eastchester based on need. Every opportunity shall be utilized to ensure that the rental assistance needs of lower income families, elderly and disabled are met.

*You are eligible for a residency preference if you live in the PHA jurisdiction or if you work in the PHA jurisdiction:

 -  To receive a residency preference for living in the town you must submit a current copy of your lease and two(2) utility bills (We will not accept a P.O. Box or relative’s address as proof of residency)
 - To receive a residency preference due to employment in the PHA jurisdiction of the Town of Eastchester or  Villages of Tuckahoe and Bronxville – a letter from your employer and current paystubs based in the jurisdiction should be included for residency preference.




Housing Choice Voucher Program (aka: Section 8)

            NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town of Eastchester Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP), also known as Section 8; will close its Housing Voucher Waiting List effective January 31, 2019. The HCVP will only accept outstanding valid (original) applications that were provided from July 2018 – November 13, 2018.


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