Summer Camp 2021

Welcome to the Summer Camp 2021 page! Registration and Camp Rates updated on April 21st

This page will have the most up to date information available for Summer Camp Programs in the Town of Eastchester for Summer 2021. As more information becomes available we will update it here.

This year we are able to offer 2 Summer Camp programs. For residents entering Kindergarten through 2nd in the Fall of 2021 we will have a ½ day option. For residents entering 1st-6th grade in the Fall of 2021 we will have a full day option. Although our programs will not look like the traditional Camp Rainbow or Camp Galaxy, we have some fun, safe, exciting Camps planned for Summer 2021.

Camp Dates:

We will be offering 2 (two) 3-week sessions. Once registration opens you will have the opportunity to register for one (1) of the 2 Sessions. After a week of registration is open, you will have the opportunity to register for a 2nd session.

Session A- Tuesday, June 29th- Friday, July 16th (No Camp Monday, July 5th) – 13 days of Camp

Session B- Monday, July 19th- Friday, August 6th – 15 days of Camp

Summer Camp Registration will take place online starting on Monday, April 26th at 10:00am.
There will be a link to register online available, it will be available in this section of the website.
If you have registered for a Recreation Program or Camp since 2019, you should have received an email from to set up your online profile that you will use to register for Summer Camp 2021. PLEASE check your email and SPAM/JUNK folder for this email. If you did not receive this email, please call the Recreation Department at 914-771-3311 and we can help you.

*Please note immunization records will be required for registration-Please reach out to your Doctor's Office to obtain your most current immunization forms and documentation- you will not be able to complete your registration without immunization records. 

½ Day Camp
This is a half-day camp with various activities in a very nurturing and positive environment. Campers will take part in arts & crafts, storytelling, music & dance, quiet games, and special events.

Location:       Tuckahoe Middle/High School Campus
Times:            Camp hours are from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Eligibility:     Children living in Eastchester, Bronxville or Tuckahoe be entering Kindergarten through 2nd grade in the Fall of 2021.

Full-Day Camp
Campers will participate in sports, games, arts & crafts, music & dance, entertainment, and other special events. 

Location:       Greenvale School and Haindl Field
Times:            Camp hours are from 9:00 AM—3:00 PM
Eligibility:     Children living in Eastchester, Bronxville and Tuckahoe entering grades 1-6 in Fall 2021.

Below are the rates for Summer Camp 2021

1/2 Day Camp
Session A (6/29-7/16- No Camp 7/5) - 13 days of Camp      $250
Session B (7/19-8/6) 15 days of Camp                                      $300

Full Day Camp
Session A (6/29-7/16- No Camp 7/5) - 13 days of Camp       $400
Session B (7/19-8/6) 15 days of Camp                                        $450

Teen Travel Camp
- Please note we are not having our Teen Travel Camp- Camp Quest this summer. We are exploring safe and alternative options for Teens to participate in throughout the Summer .

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Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camp 2021

Question: Do campers have to wear masks at Camp this Summer?
Yes: Yes, at this time Campers and Staff are required to wear masks at Camp. Appropriate Masks breaks will be given throughout the day.

Question: Will we need to fill out the Daily COVID-19 checklist before coming to camp each day?
Answer: Yes, Campers and Staff will need to fill out the Daily COVID-19 Checklist before coming to camp and have their temperatures taken upon arrival. Forms will be made available to all campers before Camp begins.

Question: Will Campers be permitted to go inside the buildings this Summer?
Yes, but MOST of Camp will be held outside this summer. If your child attends Camp, please anticipate most of their time being outside. Accommodations will be made for inclement weather. 

Question: Can my child who is entering Kindergarten in the Fall of 2021 go to the Full Day Camp Program?
Answer: No, the Full Day program is for campers entering 1st through 6th grade in Fall 2021

Question: Will there be swimming available for Campers in the Full Day Program this summer? - UPDATED 3/29
Answer: YES- Full Day Campers will have the opportunity to swim at least 1 time per week this summer at Lake Isle Country Club. Please note this swimming is a “free-swim” for about 45 minutes with Buddy checks every 15 minutes (as per Westchester County Health Department Summer Camp Code). This swim time will take place between 9am-10am on assigned days. On these days an early drop-off may be needed at Camp for those Campers in order to optimize the time at the pool. Information about specific Swim Days will be given after registration is complete as we need to see the make-up of the ages and grades of the campers registered. Please note Campers in 1st-2nd grade will ONLY be permitted in the Kiddie and/or Mushroom Pool at Lake Isle. Campers in 3rd-6th grade will be swim tested in order to enter the larger Pool. More details will be given after registration, but please know your camper will be swimming 1 time per week (baring any rain-outs on the day that your camper is assigned to Swim)

Question: Will there be Camp Trips for Full-Day Campers?
Answer: No, unfortunately there will be no Camp trips for the Summer of 2021

Question: Will there be Entertainers at Camp?
Answer: Yes, we will have entertainers such as clowns, magicians and specialty entertainment.

Question: Will there be a Camp Show that Parents Can attend?
Answer: No, unfortunately we cannot have our traditional Camp Show where Parents come to the Camp, but we will work on alternatives and keep you updated throughout Camp.

Question: Can my camper request to be with their friend in Camp?
Answer: Yes, groups will be no larger then 15 campers per group this Summer. We will accept 2 group requests per camper. We try our best to honor all requests, but they can not be guaranteed. Please note due to the current New York State Camp Guidelines we can not switch campers from group to group throughout the Summer.

Question: Will there be an extended- day option for Full-Day Camp?
Answer: At this time No. Due to the current New York State Camp Guidelines coupled with our space and Camp set-up, we are not going to be able to offer an extended-day option for Summer Camp 2021. Full-Day Camp will end at 3:00pm daily.